2023 Kellerei Terlan (Cantina Terlano) Tradition Pinot Bianco, Alto Adige DOC Italian White Wine

Pinot Bianco has always been one of the most important wines at Cantina Terlano; it lends powerful expression to the terroir where our grapes mature. As a varietal, the delicate and above all mineral Pinot Bianco, is a hallmark of the winery. - Rudi Kofler

Producer: Kellerei Terlan (Cantina Terlano)

Vintage: 2023

Name: Tradition Pinot Bianco

Appellation: Alto Adige

Designation: DOC

Varietal: Pinot Bianco

Colour: White

Region: Alto Adige

Alcohol Vol. %: 13.5

Volume (mL): 750

Carton Quantity: 6 Bottles (Price is per bottle)

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