It's our mission to share with Australians proper Italian Wine & Spirits. (with a little from France and Spain)




For years wine has been exported around the world as "Italian wine" jumping on the bandwagon of the power 'Made in Italy' brand

The reality however, is that the grapes or grape juice comes from other countries and is simply processed and bottled in Italy and then sold around the world to unsuspecting drinkers

We think it's outrageous and set out to do something about!

For nearly 20 years our buyer works directly with the producers ensuring our range of wines and spirits are from Italian or French grown fruit 

That's why our certified wines and spirits are validated by the strictest government regulations ensuring they are 100% from the area they claim to be

We put them on our website because we think it's our obligation to share them with you

We care about the quality, we are constantly learning, we do it well and make time enjoy them too! ;)


And we stand behind everything we do with our... 



At MyCantina, we want you to love your wines and liquor. We know our wines and spirits are amazing to say the least, but everyone has their own palate, and that's what make you, you


If you’re not 100% Satisfied for whatever reason contact us and we'll do our utmost to make it right, because if you're not satisfied, neither are we