Barbaresco is an Italian wine made from the Nebbiolo grapes. Produced in the Piedmont region, in the Langhe area which is to the east of Alba. Within the comunes of Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive plus a small area of frazione San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, (Once part of the commune of Barbaresco)  The wine is often compared with Barolo (Made from the same grapes nearby) the wine does share many similarities, though there are distinct differences between them.The most significant difference between the two wines is the tannins, Barbaresco generally soften quicker, which opens the possibility to drink closer to the vintage year, but won't age for as long as a traditionally made Barolo.
  • 2009 Marchesi di Gresy Virtus, Langhe Rosso DOC Italian Red Wine

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  • 2014 Marchesi di Gresy Camp Gros Martinenga Riserva, Barbaresco DOCG Italian Red Wine

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  • 2015 Marchesi di Gresy Gaiun Martinenga, Barbaresco DOCG Italian Red Wine

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