2021 Nino Negri Ca' Brione, Alpi Retiche IGT Italian White Wine

Ca’ Brione is an alpine white wine born in 1986. The soil's geological origins go back to the time when the African and European plates collided so forming the Alps. The great variety of rock thus caused lends both minerality and elegance to the wine.

Vinification: WINEMAKING METHOD The grapes in the cases undergo a brief drying process before being crushed. After static decanting the must is put to ferment in French oak barriques at a cellar temperature of 18-20°C. AGEING After fermenting, the wine rests on the lees for at least six months. A cuvée of all the batches is done the following April and bottling begins.

Nose: Intense floral aroma with notes of elder and robinia, hints of white-fleshed fruit, peach and ripe pear; spices recalling mediterranean herbs and a slight suggestion of sweetmeats.

Taste: A sense of fulness on the palate with great acidic balance and a finish of natural minerality

Producer: Nino Negri

Vintage: 2021

Name: Ca' Brione

Appellation: Alpi Retiche

Designation: IGT

Varietal: Chardonnay , Sauvignon, Incrocio Manzoni and Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca)

Colour: White

Region: Lombardy

Province: Sondrio

Town: Chiuro

Vineyard: The vineyards are planted on the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps, along the right bank of the river Adda.

Alcohol Vol. %: 13

Volume (mL): 750

Carton Quantity: 6 Bottles

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