MONTALBERA Moscato D'Asti San Carlo Sparkling Dessert Wine 2015

The cultivation of the Moscato grape is very ancient. It was already mentioned in 1200's within the statutes of the Canelli Commune. Giovan Battista Croce, a Milanese jeweller who moved to Turin at the end of the century, is considered the father of Moscato d'Asti. In his private cellars, he developed the technique of preparing sweet, aromatic and low-alcoholic wines. Moscato d'Asti has achieved extraordinary qualitative levels thanks to the spread of modern oenological technology, especially that of cold, which has allowed to retain the aromas and flavours of the fruit in the wine, while at the same time stabilising the product.

History, tradition, dedication, application, and continuous research keep it precious and unique, enhancing its peculiar characteristics. Excellent with sweets and as an aperitif accompanied by exotic fresh fruit. Moscato d'Asti San Carlo is produced on the second farm owned in Castiglione Tinella in Langa, San Carlo Region dedicated to the best productions as well as home the birthplace of the head of the family Knight Enrico Riccardo Morando. The name San Carlo on the label is in honour of the little church located a few steps from the vineyards in front of the farm.

Production area:
Castiglione Tinella, Langhe, Piedmont. San Carlo Region.

Guyot breeding system with 8-9 gems on the fruit garment.

Grape variety:
Moscato 100% worked in purity.

in white, soft pressing, decanting and storage at controlled temperature. Fermentation in autoclave.

from 20 days to 40 days in bottle depending on vintage.

golden yellow.

characteristic and typical, with hints of wisteria and lime, peach and apricot with a look of sweet balsamic perfumes.

intense and typical of the Moscati, with sage notes and orange blossoms.

Albesia 600 g.

satin, single-piece cork 26 × 45.

Available sizes:
750 mL bottle

Alcohol content:
from 12.50 to 13.50 degrees according to the vintage of which 5.5 degrees.

Total acidity:
5.6-6.0 g / L.

Residual sugars:
130-150 g / L.

Dry extract:
24-26 g / L.


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