Luxardo Amaro Abano, Italian Liqueur

Luxardo Amaro Abano originated in 1952. Amaro means “bitter,” and Abano is an old Roman spa in the Veneto region that has been active for the last 500 years. The label depicts the spa around the year 1600. The herbs in this amaro grow wild and are infused along with cardamom, cinnamon and bitter orange peel. Luxardo Amaro Abano is a medium bitter, extremely popular in Italy, and especially in the Veneto region, drunk straight after a meal with or without ice to help digestion.

Colour: Amber

Producer: Luxardo

Name: Amaro Abano

Region: Veneto

Province: Padova

Town: Torreglia

Alcohol Vol. %: 30

Volume (mL): 700

Bottles Per Box: 6 Bottles

Bottle pictured may vary from supplied item

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