CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI VINI Primitivo di Manduria Riserva DOP Elegia Red Wine 2010

CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI VINI Elegia - Wine from Apulia region made from Primitivo di Manduria grapes, it is very unique offers the fortunate a glimpse into the past. Dry and warm on the palate creating a long lasting aftertaste on the mouth.

Colour; Ruby red with garnet red traces Nose; Intense and complex on the nose with ripe berries and vanilla aroma Food Match; Braised meats and roasted meat Vinification; The grapes are vinified then fermented in thermo controlling temperature Ageing; Aged in barrels for 13 months before release

Volume: 750 mLs

Alcohol Vol.: 15.5%

Varietal: Primitivo di Manduria

Vintage pictured and/or listed may differ from supplied item

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