CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI VINI Primitivo di Manduria DOP Lirica Red Wine 2010 OUT OF STOCK

CONSORZIO PRODUTTORI VINI Lirica - The Primitivo di Manduria wine is blended from pure Primitivo grapes from the districts of Manduria and have maintained the family quality code. Well balanced and accompanied with good tannins and is dry, warm and persistent.

Colour; Ruby red Nose; Nose is intense and complex with ripe red pulp fruit and a balanced blend of light wooden notes Food Match; Ideal with soup, pasta, sauces and meat Vinification; light fermentation on Amaron grape residue. It requires a steady maintained temperature for a while before proceeding to ageing Ageing; Maturation is done in Allier barrels before bottling where it will age for 3 months

Volume: 750 mLs

Alcohol Vol.: 14%

Varietal: Primitivo di Manduria

Vintage pictured and/or listed may differ from supplied item

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