CA' DE MEDICI Lambrusco Reggiano Scuro DOC Piazza San Prospero Sparkling Wine NV

CA' DE MEDICI Piazza San Prospero - From vines types Lambrusco montericco, ancellotta, salamino this wine features a sparkling dry characteristic. Velvety, a little sharp, fresh and bodied.

Colour; Dark ruby red with violet hints Nose; Distinctive, fruity like raspberries Food Match; Produced to celebrate the Patron Saint of Reggio Emilia, it is suitable with all Emilia Ð Romagna traditional cuisine, particularly with that of the Reggio Emilia Vinification; In a controlled temperature using natural fermentation type of Charmat into pressurized tanks with naturally sweet must and selected yeasts at 18¡ C Ageing; 2 Years

Volume: 750 mLs

Alcohol Vol.: 11%

Varietal: 100% Lambrusco

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