Berta Oltre il DiLidia, Grappa Invecchiata Italian Grappa

From a very clever blending of grappa obtained by typical grapes of this region the newly appreciated Oltre Il DiLidia came recently into Berta's family. This new Grappa came alive by distilling throught a steaming system both grapes and then let them ageing in barrels. During the fifties the casks no longer in use in Sicily for the ageing of Marsala were shipped in Piedmont to the Canelli's distillery for ageing their products. Our mother Lidia had the intuition to make use of the same cask to ageing and ripening the grappa that our father Paolo was producing. This harmonious complexity between the Southern Sun, the aromatic taste of Moscato and the structure of Barbera gave birth to a distilled product for which we are very proud to launch it with the brand name Riserva DiLidia

Producer: Berta

Name: Oltre il DiLidia

Appellation: Grappa Invecchiata

Colour: Clear

Region: Piedmont

Province: Asti

Town: Mombaruzzo

Alcohol Vol. %: 43

Volume (mL): 700

Carton Quantity: 6 Bottles

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