2016 Nino Negri Sfursat Carlo Negri, Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG Italian Red Wine

Sfursat is derived from a selection of Valtellina’s finest grapes that are subjected to “forced” natural drying. The resulting wine is particularly beefy and alcoholic, and is produced in limited quantities.

Producer: Nino Negri

Vintage: 2016

Name: Sfursat Carlo Negri

Appellation: Sforzato di Valtellina

Designation: DOCG

Varietal: Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo)

Region: Lombardy

Province: Sondrio

Town: Chiuro

Volume (mL): 750

Bottles Per Box: 6 Bottles

Vintage listed and/or pictured may vary from supplied item