2015 Nino Negri Vigneto Fracia, Valtellina Superiore Valgella DOCG Italian Red Wine

Fracia was the first vineyard in the history of the Negri family. The wine that it yields is naturally long-lived, normally reaching its best after seven to eight years of cellaring, with the bottles laid horizontal in a dark place.

Colour: Red

Producer: Nino Negri

Vintage: 2015

Name: Vigneto Fracia

Appellation: Valtellina Superiore Valgella

Designation: DOCG

Varietal: Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo)

Region: Lombardy

Province: Sondrio

Town: Chiuro

Volume (mL): 750

Bottles Per Box: 6 Bottles

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