1991 Kellerei Terlan (Cantina Terlano) Terlaner Rarity, Alto Adige Terlano DOC Italian White Wine

Cantina Terlano has an unusual offering in the form of its Rarities, special editions of mature white wines that have been left to age on the lees in steel pressure tanks for at least ten years. This Rarity is a Terlaner with a youthful freshness that belies its maturity. That makes it perfect for a long period of aging in the bottle. Terlano has the terroir to produce great white wines, as its Rarities so convincingly demonstrate.

Producer: Kellerei Terlan (Cantina Terlano)

Vintage: 1991

Name: Terlaner Rarity

Appellation: Alto Adige Terlano

Designation: DOC

Varietal: 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay, 10% Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: White

Region: Alto Adige

Alcohol Vol. %: 13

Volume (mL): 750

Carton Quantity: 6 Bottles

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